Finxflo Team

Belinda Yek

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Delivering outstanding office support has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Belinda. As Finxflo’s Office Manager, she is responsible for all office procedures and daily requirements and uses her organizational skills to ensure the operation runs smoothly in a fast paced-high pressure work environment. Belinda regularly finds herself drawing on her past analyst and operational experience, where she had to apply discipline and follow protocols, both attributes for success. Her background has given her the skills to be one of the driving team members of Finxflo.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the University of Nevada. Prior to Finxflo, Belinda was in the hospitality industry where she exceled in client relations and communication. Her outstanding work ethic and vision for excellence has made her a great fit for Finxflo’s vision. She has shined with us at the company’s most critical times and ensures that the team’s and clients’ needs are all delivered to the highest standard.

In her free time, Belinda enjoys playing the violin and baking.