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Lester Lim

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Lester is a veteran digital marketing entrepreneur and a leader in startup incubation. He has operated multiple million-dollar digital marketing and e-commerce businesses and is currently one of the most sought after incubators to lead the funding rounds for blockchain startups.

Lester and his investor network have invested tens of millions of dollars in the most promising blockchain startups since 2017.

He is a widely respected Strategic Advisor, Blockchain Startup Investor & Incubator, and Digital Marketing Strategist working out of Singapore. Being a believer in value add, leverage, and creating synergy, he specializes in helping projects position themselves to succeed long term. He supports them via his experience in marketing, exchange relationships, and connections within the blockchain ecosystem.

In his free time, Lester enjoys playing basketball, reading comics, or simply watching Youtube videos with his wife and spending quality time with his family.