Cryptocurrency Exchange Brokerage Platform

Access a seamless experience of cryptocurrency trading and global access to the markets.

Bespoke user experience
Finxflo’s trading platform is designed so as to offer the best experience at the user level. The front-end interface includes single-click trading and our customized trading setup provides access to multiple markets. Finxflo has also incorporated demo trading to allow traders to practice fundamental and trading skill sets.
Any device compatible
Finxflo offers one wallet to manage a trader’s cryptocurrency portfolio. The wallet can be accessed through a browser compatible with various devices including Windows and Mac. In addition to this, Finxflo services are also accessible through mobile application available for Android as well as iOS users.
MPC Encrypted Wallet
Finxflo facilitates a robust ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading by offering maximum security to a user’s cryptocurrency funds. Finxflo has partnered with Fireblocks, a leading custodian service provider, to ensure that clients receive access to insurance. Client’s funds are held in segregated vaults so as to minimize the risks of funds getting hacked or stolen.
Regulated and Compliant
Finxflo is a completely regulated entity that has been granted an exemption by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the grandfathering provisions of the Act. In addition to this, regulated measures of KYC/AML are also in place at Finxflo so as to ensure due diligence. To provide an extra layer of security, users at Finxflo are also subjected to KYT (Know Your Transaction) process.
Best Price Discovery
Finxflo’s proprietary algorithm is developed so as to provide the optimum price of any digital token. Finxflo’s clients receive the best offer of bid/ask, irrespective of the trade size, with the global aggregator tool that compares prices from more than 50 exchanges.