FXF Token

FXF Multi-Utility Token

Dual-ChainFinxflo (FXF) token exists asERC20 and TRC20 asset

Voting RightsHolding FXF token providesgovernance rights to the owner

DeFi/CeFi accessBy holding FXF, users canaccess 25+ CeFi and DeFi protocols

Blockchain 3.0 Asset

FXF token can be described as a natural blockchain 3.0 asset because of the fact that it utilizes two blockchains, Ethereum and Tron. FXF is simultaneously an ERC20 and TRC20 standard token. Thus, FXF acts as a gel between the two previously detached technologies, synthesizing that part of the crypto multiverse into a mutually related, sustainable entity.

Through this dual existence, FXF opens the door towards cross-chain interoperability. One of the benefits of such a system is that traders are now able to trade previously impossible pairs, opening up huge arbitrage opportunities.

FXF Tokenomics

Total Supply – 150,000,000 FXF Tokens
Private Sales36%
Partner Sales7%

Staking and Yield Farming

By staking their FXF tokens, holders become eligible for passive income. As the platform charges trading fees, the reward pools are filled. Proportionally with the number of staked coins, investors get rewards for their staked FXF tokens through an automated smart contract. This compounding effect is another incentive for all holders to utilize their FXF tokens not only for trading but also for additional passive income.

Finxflo has a huge yield farming potential of its own as FXF token holders can choose to provide liquidity to FXF for underlying exchanges. These funds are used as a margin on underlying trading platforms and liquidity providers (yield farmers) are rewarded with FXF in return. This process is called liquidity mining and all FXF holders can utilize this innovative system in the DeFi industry to generate profits in FXF tokens.

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FXF - The Real Multi-Utility Token
3 Nov 2020 | Finxflo

FXF token

Usually, a regular investor is not fully aware of the utility token’s full power and potential. For example, Ethereum is much more than the subject of speculation. It gives its holder the ability to produce smart contracts. Only through that functionality, the Ethereum network provides a wide range of different possibilities for an investor. 

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What is Yield Farming and How to Do it on Finxflo?
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This year gave birth to several huge buzzwords in the cryptocurrency space, but there is no bigger hype than that of DeFi (decentralized finance) and yield farming. DeFi niche is probably far easier to explain since, basically, the fundamental nature of crypto is engraved into the DeFi core.

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Why is FXF token a great HODL
30 Oct 2020 | Finxflo


Finxflo is the first-ever hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator. However, when we phrase it like that, it’s not immediately clear what benefits this brings to an average user. For starters, since Finxflo compiles the liquidity from 25+ exchanges, traders can have a much more fluent trading experience by simply having access to a much larger order book. Furthermore, Finxflo always offers the best price for an asset and best rates for service. To access such features, investors only have to have a single account. The one on Finxflo.

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Finxflo Issues the First Hybrid Cross-Chain Token FXF
16 Oct 2020 | Finxflo


Finxflo is bringing a highly disrupting cross-chain interoperability to the modern cryptocurrency market. By sitting simultaneously on two blockchains, Finxflo’s native FXF token enables investors to trade previously non-existent token pairs. This way, Finxflo positions itself as a leader in the blockchain 3.0 generation.

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