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Finxflo Executives Volunteer With "Willing Hearts" Charity Organization

28 Sep 2020 | CSR

The Finxflo team has warmed our hearts by cooking some lovely heartly meals this weekend, all for a great cause. Our executives, James Gillingham, Thomas Plaskocinski, and Belinda Yek joined forces with the Willing Hearts charity organization from Singapore to cook food for the underprivileged.

Willing Hearts is a non-profit, non-affiliated organization entirely run by volunteers. Our executives joined the soup kitchen that prepares and distributes thousands of meals per day for the elderly, the disabled, and poverty-stricken groups across Singapore. 

Finxflo leaders took the role of acting chefs but mainly that of dishwashers to assist the hard-working volunteers. When we asked our CEO about the engagement, James happily explained: 

Willing Hearts is an amazing initiative that helps the underprivileged.  They deliver over 6,000 meals daily to feed local marginalized members of Singapore, ensuring they receive a varied and healthy balanced diet. It is our pleasure to participate in such a meaningful cause. 

Judging by their facial expressions, helping our communities can bring joy and happiness to everyone involved.