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Finxflo Publishes its New Tokenomics System

4 Nov 2020 | Finxflo


In the endless thrive for perfection, Finxflo altered its tokenomics to fully encompass the company’s financial microcosm. The new economic approach will benefit early investors as well as the ecosystem in general.

Thus, during the two rounds of the private sale, according to the new tokenomics, investors will have 8% of the total token supply (600,000,000 FXF) available at $0.05 and $0.07 respectively. In the public token sale, following the private rounds, investors will be able to acquire 2% of the total supply of FXF at $0.10.  

The new categories that Finxflo allocated a portion of the funds to are the treasury and the reserve, which will highly impact the security and sustainability of the platform’s financial system. The reserve’s 30% of the FXF token total is locked for a 2-year period, while the 20% dedicated to the treasury is going to be accessible for strategic investors and has a 1-year lock clause.  

Furthermore, since advisors’ experience is essential in building such a wide-ranging product as Finxflo, 3% of the total company’s native crypto funds are allocated to these experts to acquire the most competent available talents in the industry. 

The new tokenomics will also greatly influence the scarcity of the FXF token in the market, allowing for an even greater long-term appreciation of the asset, bringing a huge benefit for early investors. 

The full tokenomics overview can be found in Finxflo’s WHITEPAPER. 


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