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Finxflo - Stay Ahead of the Curve With the World’s First-Ever (DeFi/CeFi) Protocol Aggregator

16 Oct 2020 | News


With its groundbreaking technology, Finxflo is building a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency investors. Their world’s first-ever hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator is taking the best of both worlds while the platform ensures the ultimate simplicity for the end-user. The state of the art protocol aggregator engine makes it possible for Finxflo to always pick the best prices and rates for clients and a consolidated order book combines liquidity from more than 50 decentralized (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). This way, Finxflo is bringing the ultimate user experience to the space that desperately needed it.

The Problem of the Fast Moving DeFi Technology 

Amidst the impeccable rise of DeFi in the cryptocurrency industry, the new wave of investments came pouring into the market. Naturally, the new market conditions revealed new challenges for product developers. Firstly, and the most obvious, interfaces that new investors encounter entering the market are unfriendly, to say the least. Many trendy DiFi protocols are detached so users are forced to go through the connection process for each one separately and search for the best option themselves. This is a time-consuming process that doesn’t produce desired results. 

In some way, the current state of the DeFi market resembles the time when masternodes became popular among crypto investors. For an average user, they were difficult to understand and complicated to set up. The one-stop masternode management service became a necessity.  

Similarly, nowadays, there are dozens of DeFi minting, borrowing, interest rates, liquidity, and margin services available in the market. Without an aggregation protocol to single out best offers, users have the challenge of finding them on their own in a fast-moving and volatile environment. 

Finxflo - the Ultimate One-Stop Solution 

To access multiple protocols, Finxflo uses the protocol aggregation engine which provides the ability to benefit from each of the protocols by using a single interface. The Finxflo system communicates with various protocols in real-time so users don’t have to. Behind the scenes, the technology does the leg work and automatically directs a user towards the most viable option.  

In the case of DeFi farming and yield farming, Finxflo deals with finding the most lucrative opportunity do make funds work for a user and generate additional income. For traders, Finxflo combines liquidity from multiple trading platforms, making it an unprecedented cutting-edge revolution in crypto trading. Additionally, Finxflo’s first-ever DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregation system always recognizes the best possible price of an asset in the market. By having such an edge, investors can remain ahead of the curve. 

What’s best, to access all these features, Finxflo clients only have to pass one registration with a single KYC process. Afterward, they can perform all the actions in a single interface, using a single cryptocurrency wallet. 

The Low Latency, Elastic and Fault-Tolerant Solution 

At its core, Finxflo is designed in accordance with the highest industry standards and practices. And it should be since its powerful stream processing engine collects data from multiple partner-exchanges. Thus, the technology behind the product enables Finxflo to process thousands of operations per second.  

This is possible because Finxflo is capable of scaling horizontally. Since data is distributed among the nodes in the network, the system is able to re-scale dynamically according to workload changes. Therefore, if the need arises, Finxflo adds or removes servers involved in the ecosystem to ensure the highest efficiency of the platform. 

Possible platform downtime usually carries the risk of data loss. Finxflo mitigates that risk by distributing backups to the network’s nodes. That way, all data is safely stored and reusable once the platform’s operation resumes. Additionally, Finxflo processes data as soon as possible rather than collecting micro-batches, accelerating the data transfer process, and adding an extra data security layer to the platform. 

FXF as the Fuel of the Platform 

The pivotal point of Finxflo is its native FXF token. FXF is an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency, which means that it utilizes the Ethereum blockchain for all operations. Ethereum is the most popular base technology of the DeFi sector as it offers all the development tools for DeFi solutions production. FXF tokens are the fuel for the platform. Besides for the development purposes, FXF will be distributed to most active traders every day, thus incentivizing them to use Finxflo.  

To ensure the highest industry’s safety standards, Finxflo engaged Fireblocks as an audited, insured, and regulated custody partner, neutralizing the risk of a hacker’s attack. 

Mobile Automation and Third-Party Integration 

In fast-moving markets of today, every second may prove to be crucial. Therefore, investors tend to lean towards the swiftest of solutions. In that department, Finxflo dominates the market. Its mobile app perfectly represents Finxflo’s one-click policy as the app’s workflow is highly automatable. This user-friendliness is what separates Finxflo from other products since it makes the institution-grade service usable for retail investors.  

Finxflo is a product that is highly integrable with existing software. Through the use of API’s, institutions are able to integrate Finxflo with their existing platforms. In this case, the original platform becomes the carrier of Finxflo’s technology. This revolutionizes any system previously used by any institution. 

With everything described, we can confidently proclaim Finxflo to be the budding leader in the cryptocurrency DeFi sector. Not only for its top-notch tech solutions but also for the innovation it brings to the market. 

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