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Finxflo Team - World's First Central + Defi Protocol Liquidity Aggregator

12 Oct 2020 | Uncategorized


Every project needs a problem to solve. In the young cryptocurrency investing business, there are many issues that make the life of a trader more complicated than it should be. The necessity of using multiple accounts with multiple interfaces while trading and investing and the obvious disparity across protocols without the best price and rate guarantee is something that needs to be resolved. 

That’s why the Finxflo team embarked on a venture to provide a much needed one-stop solution for traders worldwide. Finxflo is envisioned as highly secure liquidity and protocol aggregator which solves all the mentioned problems. One account with one registration, that’s interlinked with 50+ liquidity providers is the solution all traders have been waiting for. That ultimate goal is what brought the highly skilled and experienced Finxflo team together. 

The Finxflo Core Team - The Driving Force Behind the Project 

The Finxflo core team consists of world-leading professionals in their respective niches. With more than 80 years of combined experience in the traditional markets and prolonged experience with cryptocurrencies, FXF’s C-rank executives are more than able to deliver the ultimate product. 

James Gillingham


As an expert in managing and executing high-level strategic objectives, co-founder James Gillingham is engaged in developing and implementing strategic plans and company policies. With more than 13 years’ experience in building, developing, and expanding multinational organizations, he possesses a vast knowledge of financial markets, digital currencies, and fintech. James’ experience is best depicted by his portfolio: 

  • Choice Investments - Managing partner 
  • JageroFX - Executive director 
  • International Asset Management Ltd. - Senior Analyst 
  • Close Brothers - Head of the dealing desk 


Thomas Plaskocinski 


As the holder of a master’s degree in Computer Systems, Networks, and Security from EPITA Paris, co-founder Thomas Plaskocinski is responsible for the technology strategy and its implementation. He has more than 15 years’ experience in solving complex technical and technological challenges. Prior to Finxflo, Thomas proved his expertise as an architect and producer of customer-focused solutions for financial giants: 

  • Société Générale - Senior Software Engineer 
  • BT France - Security, System and Software Engineer 
  • Credit Agricole CIB - IT Treasury Front Office 
  • Finastra - Solutions Architect 
  • AlgoTrader - Sales Engineer 
  • Misys - Team Lead 

Liam Patrick Jones 


Liam Jones is the Commercial Director at Finxflo,he is a holder of the Approved Registered Representative license granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As an expert with more than 32 years in the traditional financial sector, he is a commercial director of Finxflo. Liam’s deep knowledge of finances is derived from his experience in spot currency trading, derivatives brokerage, oil swaps paper markets, and longstanding relationships with Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Shell, Vitol, and other top tier institutions. To fully grasp Liam’s formidable credentials, it is best to view some of his engagements reaching back to 1987: 

  • Den Norske Bank - Foreign Exchange Dealer 
  • UBS - Foreign Exchange Dealer 
  • Daiwa Securities - Assistant Chief Dealer 
  • Société Générale - Senior FX Dealer 
  • The Saudi Investment Bank - FX Proprietary Trader 
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland - FX Proprietary Trader 
  • SIMEX Exchange - Floor Broker/Local Trader 
  • Tullett Prebon - Derivatives Broker  
  • GFI Group - Derivatives Broker – Head of Desk 
  • Ginga Petroleum - MOGAS Swaps Broker 
  • BGC Partners - LNG BROKER 


Greg Ranslam 


Chief Legal Council Greg Ranslam was an attorney at the New York office of Milbank Tweed and came to Southeast Asia in 1995 where he specialized in finance, investment, capital markets and M&A. Greg has developed a keen commercial understanding based on his wealth of experience in advising clients on how to get deals done. 

Greg has been frequently recognized as a leading law practitioner, particularly in corporate, M&A and finance, by various publications including Chambers Global (where he was named one of the world’s leading lawyers for business), Asia Pacific Legal 500, IFLR and Chambers Asia. 

Greg graduated from Northwestern University School of Law where he was a member of the Northwestern University Law Review, Editorial Board. Greg majored in Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Southern California. 

In his spare time Greg enjoys practicing yoga, reading science fiction and working out and lifting weights. He is also an avid trekker (mostly in Nepal) and has climbed Kilimanjaro twice. 


FInxflo’s leaders developed a special kind of chemistry while working together on numerous projects in the past. Mainly on creating and setting up full automated trading algorithms. The team was introduced together as they were all spearheading in their respective fields and hit it off immediately. The long-lasting creative fire naturally led towards the development of this cutting-edge product that Finxflo is. 

The total allocation of FXF token to the FInxflo development team is 11%. However, the distribution is scheduled across the 36 months period. This way, founders, along with the whole team are highly invested in the project and have their own “skin in the game”. Therefore, investors can expect to see full commitment and persistence to deliver everything promised. 


Advisors For Key Business Components 

Every successful venture needs top-notch advisors. Therefore, Finxflo has teamed up with some of the most outstanding experts from various industries. 


Dr. Anthony O'Sullivan


As a former Economist for Lloyds Bank PLC, Anthony O’Sullivan is acutely aware of business risks and developments. Since 1979, Dr. O’Sullivan spent considerable time covering competitive, technical, micro, and macro commercial analysis, which proves immensely beneficial for Finxflo. 


Stefano Virgilli 


Stefano Virgilli is a leader in numerous ICO and Blockchain projects. With his extensive knowledge of crypto-related entrepreneurship across Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, he is an invaluable asset to the FXF team. 


Mark Hammond 


Mark Hammond joins from his role as Head of Technology at HealthEngine, a MedTech startup. He is a seasoned technician, applied data scientist, and, as such, an expert which can provide an extra edge in the technical aspect of Finxflo development. 


Michael Terpin 


Michael Terpin is one of the highest-profile thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors in the blockchain sector. 

He co-founded the first angel group for bitcoin investors, BitAngels, in early 2013,  and the first-ever digital currency fund, the BitAngels/Dapps Fund, in March 2014. He is currently a senior advisor to Alphabit Fund, one of the world’s largest digital currency hedge funds.  

Terpin’s work with more than 100 token crowd sales, including Augur, Ethereum, MaidSafe, Neo and Qtum, led to CNBC calling Terpin “the godfather of crypto.” 

He is founder and CEO of Transform Group, the leading PR and advisory company for the public blockchain industry, and he organizes the long- running CoinAgenda global investor conference series and monthly BitAngels investor events in more than a dozen cities. 


Chris Williamson 


Chris Williamson is an executive with domestic and international experience in a range of industries including blockchain, finance, corporate software, marketing and education. 

In each role Chris has identified and developed opportunities to deliver business growth and develop high performing teams. 

He has a proven history in strong stakeholder relationship management and strategic growth with extensive experience in managing teams and working collaboratively with external partners.  

As a business founder/owner and non-executive director Chris is driven to find opportunities and create results for businesses around the world. 


Finxflo Vision 

With its groundbreaking, first-ever hybrid DeFi/CeFi protocol liquidity aggregator and the team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Finxflo is ready to disrupt the global cryptocurrency trading industry. As a licensed institution, it is already present in the Asian market. However, the real expansion is yet to begin. Thus, 2021 will bring the launch of licensed European and American operations, which will establish Finxflo as a worldwide leader in the niche.