Trade FXF Tokens

FXF Multi-Utility Token
FINXFLO (FXF) token exists as ERC20 & TRC20 asset
Holding FXF token provides governance inputs to the owner
CeFi/DeFi access
Access multiple CeFi/DeFi protocols by holding FXF
Liquidity Mining
FXF Token holders are able to lend liquidity & gain rewards
Staking FXF tokens can generate passive income
Competitive Fees
FXF holders can benefit from reduced trading fees
Etherscan Link
FINXFLO Token ERC-20 Contract Address:

We’ve built our own ETH ⬌ BSC and ETH ⬌ TRON bridges exclusively for our FXF community to swap and trade

Trading assets on Ethereum is getting more expensive by the day, not to mention increasing gas costs of transactions.

To mitigate this for our users, we looked at multiple providers in the space but could not find any that met our requirements. Hence, we’ve created our own ETH ⬌ BSC and ETH ⬌ TRON bridges that can transfer our FXF tokens with minimal fees.

With these two bridges, we are now the first to build bridges between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and TRON, enabling our tokens to be tradable across all three blockchain networks.

Building these bridges ourselves provides a unique solution for our users to have fast and inexpensive transactions on their desired network.

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Blockchain 3.0 Asset

A natural blockchain 3.0 asset, the FXF token is both an ERC20 and TRC20 standard token, acting as a gel between previously detached technologies and synthesising a significant part of the cryptocurrency multiverse into a mutually related sustainable entity.

Through this dual existence, FXF opens the door to cross-chain interoperability, allowing the trading of previously impossible pairs and opening up significant arbitrage opportunities.

FXF Tokenomics

FXF token can be described as a natural blockchain 3.0 asset because of the fact that it utilizes two blockchains, Ethereum and Tron. FXF is simultaneously an ERC20 and TRC20 standard token. Thus, FXF acts as a gel between the two previously detached technologies, synthesizing that part of the crypto multiverse into a mutually related, sustainable entity.

Through this dual existence, FXF opens the door towards cross-chain interoperability. One of the benefits of such a system is that traders are now able to trade previously impossible pairs, opening up huge arbitrage opportunities.

Total Supply – 150,000,000 FXF Tokens
Private Sales36%
Partner Sales7%
Token Vesting
Private Sales
Partner Sales
Staking & Yield Farming

By staking FXF tokens, holders can earn passive income.

As the platform charges trading fees, reward pools are filled and distributed proportionally with the number of tokens staked through an automated smart contract. This compounding effect acts as an incentive for holders to utilise their FXF tokens, not just for trading, but for additional passive income.

There is significant yield farming potential for FXF token holders who choose to provide liquidity to FXF for underlying exchanges.

These funds are used as a margin on underlying trading platforms and liquidity providers (yield farmers). These funds are then rewarded with the FXF token in return. This process is called liquidity mining and all FXF holders can utilise this innovative system in the DeFi industry to generate profits in FXF tokens.