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Access some of the best cryptocurrency prices, leverage optimal cryptocurrency market conditions, enhance your cryptocurrency investment portfolio - all on one platform. Our goal is to simplify the process of trading and managing cryptocurrencies.


At FINXFLO, most applications are processed digitally within minutes and we make every effort to get your account approved as soon as possible. Of course, this process may take longer when the demand for accounts is higher.

You will receive an email with all necessary information as soon as your account is approved

How do I open an account?
To open a trading account with FINXFLO or find out more on the account types available, please visit the following page here
What is the minimum funding amount for a FINXFLO account?
There is no minimum funding amount to open a FINXFLO account.
Does FINXFLO report my profits to my tax authorities?
Trading in our FINXFLO products will have taxation implications for you, depending on your personal circumstances. We recommend that you obtain independent professional taxation advice.
How do I fund my account?
Credit coins from external
Credit / Debit Card – Liquid iFrame
How do I withdraw funds?
At FINXFLO we take precautions to ensure your account is secure. For this reason we only allow withdrawals to accounts that have been verified to belong to you.


Answers to many issues and concerns can be found here.
FINXFLO as a company
What is FINXFLO (FXF)?
We are a global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator designed to help traders access the best prices with an unparalleled level of efficiency. By aggregating offers from the world’s leading exchanges and liquidity providers, FXF helps to eliminate market distortions and achieve global best buy or sell prices.
Users can take full advantage of the platform; accessing multiple exchanges and liquidity providers with just one account, one wallet and one KYC process.
Who are FXF’s advisors?
FXF is supported by a highly qualified board of senior advisors:
  • Mark Hammond - Head of Flow Products and API for Liquid Quoine Exchange
  • Dr. Anthony O'Sullivan - Strategic Market Analyst at Palomar Technologies
  • Chris Williamson - Managing Director of Tower Brands
  • Joel Kovshoff – Chief Marketing Officer of AnRKey X
Where is FXF headquartered?
How many countries will FXF be operating in?
As well as our Singapore HQ, FXF has offices located in the US and Cyprus.
What differentiates FXF from other aggregated trading platforms?
  • Our proprietary smart order routing algorithm distributes orders across multiple exchanges simultaneously to achieve optimum buy and sell prices, while reducing the slippage from large orders.
  • The introduction of dark pool trading helps to minimise the impact from broader market sentiment; this feature allows traders with larger positions to move in/out of trades without revealing their interests. Front running is curtailed, whilst ensuring the average of the best available bid and ask prices.
  • Our client’s funds are never placed directly on underlying exchanges – only the margin is placed – which significantly reduces hacking risks.
  • Zero withdrawal fees and highly competitive trading fees as low as 0.1%.
Where is FXF regulated?
FXF submitted an application to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in July 2020 for a payment institution license under the new Payment Services Act (the PS Act).
We are currently permitted to operate under the grandfathering provisions of the PS Act to provide a digital payment token service whilst regulatory approvals are being obtained.
FXF is in the process of applying for a license under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to act as a regulated Crypto CFD Brokerage in Cyprus and through passporting rights across the European Economic Area as well. FXF is also in the process of applying to be a registered broker dealer in the United States with the Securities and Exchange Commission to exclusively to deal in digital asset securities.
Account Functions
How does FXF work?
FXF is a global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator designed to help traders access the best prices. We reduce the complexity of cryptocurrency trading by facilitating access to multiple exchanges with 1 registration, 1 KYC process and 1 wallet, coupled with an easy-to-use interface.
Our proprietary smart order routing algorithm distributes the user’s orders across multiple exchanges simultaneously to achieve the best buy and sell prices, whilst reducing the slippage from large orders.
What is the process of registration on FXF platform?
Once our platform is released, users will be able to sign up on our website ( On completion of the KYC process , the user can proceed to deposit funds into his/her wallet and start trading.
When will the platform be launched? Will a demo version of the exchange be made available prior to the official launch?
The Demo trading platform is currently running on ( ). We intend to fully launch the platform in Q2 2021.
Demo trading will be made available throughout, even after the full launch.
Which exchanges will you be aggregating at launch? What are your plans to increase the number of aggregated exchanges?
We are now in the process of aggregating exchanges and intend to offer our users access into more than 25+ exchanges and liquidity providers worldwide.
Which cryptoassets will you be offering?
There will be 5 tradeable cryptocurrency assets available on our platform when we launch our main net, with a rapid role out of extra pairs to follow
What kind of order types do you support?
At launch, we will be offering Market, Limit, Stop and Stop Limit orders.
Where will users’ cryptocurrency assets be held?
FXF partners with a cutting-edge custody provider used by many of the world’s largest institutional players. Our partner offers a higher level of security than a typical cold storage solution; one single person cannot sign a transaction as signing authority is spread across multiple signatories. This technology mitigates the risk of hacks and unauthorized transactions.
Does a user have the option of using his or her own preferred wallet?
We currently do not provide this option. By signing up to our platform, each user gains access to one wallet for all of our platform interactions.
Will users be able to use fiat currency on the platform?
Not directly, we will offer crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversion through a partner i frame. The i frame supports 20+ currencies; this will be expanded regularly each year.
How can users buy cryptocurrency on FXF?
Via our web portal or the FXF app (available both on IOS and Android). Cryptocurrencies can also be purchased using an accepted debit or credit card when rev 2 is released.
What are the market hours of the platform?
24 hours a day x 365 days a year, except during any maintenance periods
What are the customer service hours?
24 hours a day x 365 days a year, although over public holidays or during any other unforeseen significant events, customer support will be available on a best-efforts basis.
Deposit and Withdrawals
What is FINXFLO's fee structure?
Trading fees as low as 0.1% on each trade with additional discounts when using the FXF token as payment. No withdrawal fees will be charged, even for same-day withdrawals.
Will there be a minimum deposit?
No, there isn’t a minimum deposit.
Will there be a maximum transaction value?
There is a 24-hour volume limit of US$200,000 per user to ensure any fraudulent activity can be easily picked up. We intend to increase the limit over time. This will be reviewed by our compliance team thoroughly.
Can the rates change during the transaction?
Slippage occurs on every platform, however in our technology stack, we will be setting up as close as we can to our major liquidity partners, with an ultra-low latency cross connect setup. This means if one server fails or goes down, we have an automatic fall over so there will be no interruption in service.
What is FXF’s commitment to responsible trading?
FXF has a responsible trading policy in place to encourage responsible trading among all users on our platform. We ensure the relevant webpages contain risk disclosures, in recognition of the fact that all trading carries risk. We do not offer margin trading, so there is no option to trade with leverage. We encourage all users to consider their trades carefully and invest only in what they know. Demo trading will be available throughout, which will allow new users to practice trading on our system without risking capital. You can learn more about our responsible trading guidelines here:
Token Sale
What can your token be used for?
Our native token (the “FXF token”) is a utility token used to pay fees, or as rewards when staking on the platform.
When does the initial token offering start? What is the sale period?
Our private sale was scheduled to take place on 10th July. This has successfully sold out.
There is no public sale for FINXFLO although an IDO is planned in early 2021
How can I participate in the token sale?
Our private sale has fully sold out.
How will the FXF token be allocated?
Private Sale 36%
Partner Sale 7%
Farming/Staking 8%
Partnerships 5%
Advisors 5%
Team 12%
Treasury 27%
Who is eligible to participate in the token sale?
You are advised to check with your local authorities if you are legally eligible to participate.
You are not eligible and shall not purchase the FXF token if you are a citizen or resident of: (i) the United States of America, (ii) Malaysia, (iii) Iran, (iv) North Korea, (v) Japan or (vi) any country, state or territory where the purchase of tokens or cryptocurrency is prohibited.
By purchasing FXF tokens, you represent and warrant that you are legally permitted to do so and assume all responsibilities for complying with applicable laws and regulations.
Is there a referral/ bounty program?
There are currently no referral or bounty programs operating.
Will FXF offer any staking mechanism?
Yes, however this is not governed by FXF and is entirely dependent on the coin itself.
We understand that staking a very important aspect to owning and holding digital currency, and will support traders in their ability to do so.
What is your KYC process?
We partner with Passbase for our KYC program which adopts industry-leading customer due-diligence practices. Passbase also conducts ongoing monitoring to check the status of any customer changes.
How will FXF ensure that it is not being used to facilitate financial crime?
FINXFLO rigorously enforces anti money laundering (AML) and combating financial terrorism (CFT) measures in accordance with the standards imposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Through our partnership with Chainalysis, we will go above and beyond the mandated compliance requirements with the introduction of a Know Your Transaction (KYT) process, allowing us to provide a safe and secure trading experience for all. Machine learning is also used to monitor transactions and detect any suspicious pattern or activity.
How will users’ data be protected on FXF?
All users’ data will be protected via end-to-end military grade encryption. Our procedures are in line with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and other international data privacy laws.
Additionally, we regularly subject our security infrastructure and policies to external security and compliance audits by NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation.
What security measures does FXF have in place to ensure that users’ assets are secure?
FXF partners with a cutting-edge custody provider used by the world’s largest institutional players. Our partner offers a higher level of security than a typical cold storage solution; one single person cannot sign a transaction as signing authority is spread across multiple signatories. This technology effectively mitigates the risk of hacks and unauthorized transactions.